PRE-ORDER Social Climber Patch

PRE-ORDER Social Climber Patch

Adam JK


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Ain't no mountain high enough, 
Ain't no valley low enough, 
Ain't no river wide enough 
To keep me from getting to you babe

Rise to new heights with this social climber patch that calls it exactly what it is. You're aggressive, confident, and looking to meet new people... and don't even start on the social media thing, because you are just HYPER SOCIAL there. Don't be gross about it as you climb your way to the new step. Make friends, not contacts, and you'll be good to go.

This might also be an extremely tongue-in-cheek gift for a friend you have who's a little too perfect on instagram, too funny on twitter or too #longreads on tumblr. Is this too real for you??????????

Embroidered white and black thread on a soft blue felt with an iron-on glue back. Intentionally-imperfect circle measures 3" x 3".