News – 2014 – Madame Fancy Pants


Stripes for 2014!

Hey there you!

Welcome to 2014!  We are now a few weeks into January and I do hope you are having a most fabulous time thus far.  Be it getting productive and working on your goals or relaxing and enjoying a wee bit of summer sunshine.

We think that 2014 will be a great year for us all!  For Madame Fancy Pants' 2014 plans, we will be hunting high and low to bring you lovely new goodies for yourself, your home and your loved ones.  We also have an exciting treat for y'all planned which will be announced in the next few weeks! eeeeee!  

Let us start with new goodies... Introducing Belle + Beau clothing!  Gorgeous certified organic, made in New Zealand cotton garments.  Light and comfy, perfect for summer days.  I LOVE the Lucy maxi, stripes, long, stretch...its got what I am looking for in a summer dress!

Pop in store and have a try for yourself or check them out online here.


Gift Ideas for the Organised Person In Your Life

Know someone who can't get by without writing lists? Know someone who really needs to get their act together? Treat/hint by picking a lovely calendar, diary or journal and getting it all wrapped up and delivered to your doorstep before Christmas. Now that's leading by organised example. 

1) Get Shit Done Journal (it really will help)

2) Forgetful Gentleman Stationery Box (help a man in your life become a correspondent king)

3) Julia Rothman Address Book

4) I Could Pee On This 2014 Calendar (hilarious cat poetry)

5) Frankie 2014 Diary (long awaited, a sell out daily journal perfect for any lady in your life)

6) The Kiwi Diary 2014

7) 2014 Papaya Folder Diary 

8) 2014 Listography Weekly Planner (for all those list makers!)