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Picks of the Sale!


Hey you lovely lasses and lads! If you haven't yet heard, we're having a massive Summer sale with up to 50% off clothing and other lovely things. Brilliant, hey? With so many things to choose from, I thought I'd go ahead and give you my picks of the sale, just to help you along. 


It was a pretty tough decision, because I really love all the clothes in our sale, but this stunning Ivana Shirt Dress from Silence Was is my pick from our Summer clothing. Why? It's stylish, smart and classic, can be worn with or without a belt, transitions well into the cooler months and has that cute little back cut out. Bonus, it was $310 and now it's a sweet $200.  



I'm not actually a list person, but I do like to pretend that I am. I absolutely adore film (I would love to work as a set designer in the future) and this guy, the Film Listography, has gorgeous illustrations alongside little list idea starters to get the list ball rolling. It would make a great gift for the film buff in your life or just to have it around on your coffee table with a pen so you can use it on those chilled movie nights in at home. Plus save a cool $10, as it's now $25. 


I absolutely love this Kate of Arcadia bag, and have no idea why it hasn't yet found a home! Especially seeing as it is now only $200 (marked down from $405, oh the savings!). If someone doesn't claim it in the next week, I'm going to have to grab it! It's a stunning little over the shoulder number with soft suede and simple leather detailing. Would go with everything and is just gorgeous. Check it out HERE

Well, that's me with my picks for the sale done and dusted! Hope you all find something beautiful to brighten up the start of your year. 

Anneke xox

P.S. I know, it wouldn't be one of my posts without a recipe, so check this one out for Otsu and add sliced cherry tomatoes, green kale and some cooked mushrooms and zucchini for a delicious Summer salad. Winning!

Summer Is Here! (Kinda)

Well, the Summer clothing is definitely here and it just keeps coming! Last week we showed off some of Highnoontea's pieces just to make you smile and this week we'll introduce you to two designers who are new to Madame Fancy Pants; Silence Was... and Mardle. We're super excited to be housing their collections this Summer, so check out what we've got in so far- there's more on its way!

Say hello to Mardle; all glitz and glam, but not just for your nights out.


Shiana Weir is the lovely lady behind this stunning label and started out designing men's streetwear but one day made the decision to design clothes she could actually wear herself, which is lucky for us ladies! Mardle is the epitome of fuss free, wearable, elegant clothing and this Summer collection is full of statement dresses that will be perfect for any glamorous party, concert or wedding that you'll inevitably get invited along to in the warmer months.

If you're the kind of gal who likes graphic prints, geometrics, and clothing with a masculine edge then you'll fall in love with Silence Was...

Yujia Wang's pieces are sure to make you feel confident and comfortable. Silence Was... is defined by the touch and feel of the fabric, and the clean, simple cuts. “I think it's putting art into our lives,” Yujia explains. Like a piece of art, garments from this label are designed to be around until time tears them apart. We're falling in love with the relaxed but smart look these pieces will bring to our Summer wardrobes, we hope you'll fall in love with them too!

Because Summer is just around the corner and we've got to make way for some lovely new pieces, we're having a pretty big.......

Woohoo!! Check out what we've got online or pop in to see us to snap yourself up a beautiful dress or a little trinket to ferret away until the Winter chill hits the air once again!

Love a good sale, also love our new clothes! I'm off overseas for a couple of months so you might not hear from me for a while, but definitely keep following along on this blog to find out what's going on here at Madame Fancy Pants; there are so many goodies to come!

xoxo Anneke xoxo

ps If you need a good recipe fix try Hungry and Frozen, A Beautiful Mess, Petite Kitchen, Thug Kitchen or The Food In My Beard. Enjoy!

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Dance, Dance, Dance The Night Away

It’s Friday! It’s sunny! To celebrate, grab a bunch of friends, a couple of drinks and your best dancing shoes and head out into town for a gig. There are some pretty wonderful gigs going on tonight, so take your pick from our suggestions, scroll on down for some inspiration as to what to wear and start getting ready.

First up in our super mini and very selective gig guide is Adam Page’s Fundraiser Gig for his big ol’ trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The lovely Adam Page is throwing a bit of a party to help him to survive the festival once he gets there. He’s a bucket load of talent and will be sure to please everyone with his wonderful range of music. According to Simon Sweetman, Adam’s the perfect mix of “straight and serious, comedic, demented; he can take your breath away… with some of the beautiful flute and sax sounds he coaxes. Then there's all the other instruments he layers in, vocal percussion, beatboxing, the works.” It’s set to be a good vibe with some awesome music and beer to match. Meow, from 9pm, $10 on the door. Claire's going, go dance with her! The Facebook event can be found HERE, Simon Sweetman’s write up can be found HERE.

If you’re into big, brash, bands with a bunch of attitude and a smash up of hip-hop, funk, soul and jazz then look no further than Brockaflowersaurus-Rex and The Blueberry Biscuits. The 9 piece Wellington band will knock your dancing socks off with their lush sounds and epic tunes. These guys are by far my favourite Wellington band and I always have the best dancing times at their gigs; it helps that all the band members are fantastic people who are heaps of fun to be around. They’re playing quite a small gig tonight at San Fran Bathhouse, with things kicking off at 9pm. It’s $15 on the door. Make sure you’re there early as there are only 150 door sales! The Facebook event can be found HERE and check out their tunes HERE.

You might have picked out your gig, but have you picked out your outfit? It’s always tough in Winter deciding what to wear to a gig. It’s brutally cold outside, but way too hot inside. My advice is to wear a dress, or skirt and blouse, with stockings and a couple of cardigans that aren’t overly precious. You can take the stockings off if you get too hot and the cardigans you can just stash somewhere off to the side or hook over your bag. I’d rather my cardigans go missing than a coat! (Also helps to have a friend in the band, because then you can beg for your stuff to be hidden backstage). Here’s a selection of outfits that would be perfect for a mid-Winter gig:

(1. Alice Nightingale Zelda Skirt and Clara Blouse, 2. Arielle Mermin Marianne Dress, 3. Chrissie Dress, 4. High Noon Tea Marcell Dress, 5. Celine Rita Bella Dress)

The other issue with gigs is a bag. Too big a bag and you’ll be annoying everyone around you on the dance floor and yourself. Go for small; bring your essential cards, cash, keys, phone and a lippy. Maybe even a roll on perfume if you’ve got the room! Here are our picks for small gig appropriate bags:

(1. SA I See You Baby Bag, 2. Norma Wallet, 3. KOA Calyx, 4. KOA Vane, 5. SA Destructive Romance Bag)

If you want to get the party started before you go, make these:

I didn’t really need to put those in this blog post, but I think someone needs to make them. They are so cute!

I hope this post has inspired you to dress up, go out, have some fun and dance the night away! Might see ya dancing!

Happy Friday!

xox Anneke xoxo

What's New? Pretty Dresses and Stunning Bags For You!

Hello out there! Hope you're all wrapped up warm on this blustery day.

Today we'll be sharing some of the new clothes we have gracing our racks and giving you a sneak peak of some soon to come goodies; so, snuggle up, grab a cup of tea and have a leisurely look.  

Ball season is fast approaching, as are those mid-Winter parties. What better way to stand out from the crowd than with a bright, fancy frock? We have some gorgeous bright Celine Rita dresses that will be perfect for bringing a little cheer to this chilly weather. In classic shapes and candy colours, these frocks will be sure to make you look stunning and feel beautiful.

(These dresses, and more of Celine Rita, can be found HERE)


Check out that hot pink lace! Babing. 


You might have seen or heard that we once again have a cabinet full of Status Anxiety wallets and a shelf stacked with their super cool bags. We love Status Anxiety, as do many of you, and in the next couple of weeks we'll be getting in some new friends to add to our collection; two smaller bags that will be perfect for slinging over your shoulder night and day, and the much talked about 'One Passing Moment' bag - made out of gloriously soft New Zealand lambs leather. Have a look, get excited, we'll let you all know when you can get your hands on them through our Facebook page; keep an eye on it, you don't want to miss out! 


Drum roll please...

Did somebody say "Hey, 'I See You Baby', you classy, hip, cute, Italian Leather bag"? I thought so. With handy internal pockets and an external pocket for easy access to your most used items, this baby is perfectly pretty and practical.

Looking for a bigger bag to throw your kitchen sink into? Look no further..


The much talked 'One Passing Moment' is made of super soft New Zealand lamb leather, has a bunch of smart pockets and is lined in a statement black and white striped cotton. Super cute and can fit your whole world into it. What more could you want?

If those two aren't tickling your fancy, perhaps you're more of a classic kinda gal. This little bag might do the trick.


Could you really say no 'This Old Love' with it's super sweet deco detailing and simple design? Didn't think so.

If that wasn't too much of a Status Anxiety overload, you'll be excited to hear that we'll be getting the incredibly popular 'Some Secret Place' bag in a bubbly blue hue. Now that really will brighten up your day!

Wow. That's a lot of very pretty things to drool over! Hope you enjoyed that cup of tea and your leisurely look. Stay tuned for more news on what's going on here at Madame Fancy Pants; next blog post coming to you on Friday.

Happy Wednesday!

Anneke xoxox



So You Think You're A Hipster?

This book by Kara Simsek is full of hilarious case studies to help you "get" that species of hip people that populate Wellington with their cupcakes, chinos, moustaches and 1950s glasses.


If you discover one of your nearest and dearest is, in fact, a hipster, use the handy guide below to help you pick out a present for that person who knows what's "cool", before it is "cool". (Apologies to those who have been identified as a hipster in this blogpost if offence has been caused, but hey, you might find something you like x )

(So you think you're a hipster


(Chrissie Dress, Trug Bag)

Pair a classic shift with a trug hanging effortlessly from your elbow hook and you're good to go get those organic chia seeds you've been lusting after.


(Moustache Growers Guide)

You might not like it, but you might like it better when it's looked after well with the help of this guide. 

(Miss Sparrow Blossom Blouse, Cannonball Skirt

Arguably the most well dressed of all hipsters.


(Sublime Stitching)

If it's not handmade, it's not hip.

(A Pug's Guide to Etiquette)

Got a pug? Hip. 


Hope this blogpost helped you understand the ways of the hipster, and made you smile, be sure to read the book to learn about even more categories of hipster. In the end, we might all be a little hipper than we thought!

Have a hip weekend,

xoxox Anneke xoxox

Ways To Wear: Arielle Mermin's Broken English Top

It's Friday! Yay! To celebrate the weekend we have some style inspiration for you in the form of our second edition of Ways To Wear, where you'll find two different outfits formed around a key piece, all from our lovely store.

Today's edition features this stunning, sheer, silk Broken English Top by Arielle Mermin. A classic style but with a standout pattern; a pretty orange, tan, navy and jewel green paisley.

Now you've seen the blouse in all her glory, here's look one:

(1. Zelda Skirt, 2. St Louis Cape, 3. Destructive Romance Bag, 4. Through The Splinters Necklace)


This first look is your girly Friday or weekend look; cute and smart but also comfortable enough to last the day and night! Tuck the top into the bottle green skirt, keep warm with the lovely cape and give the look a little edge with the necklace and bag. Wear it out for brunch in the morning, an afternoon stroll through town and then drinks with the girls in the evening, and ,if you're feeling up to it, maybe go dancing afterwards. Try wearing this look with some black ankle boots and sheer black tights in Winter or some chunky tan wedges on a warmer day. You'll be turning heads all day! 

(1. Ada Pant, 2. Walnut Heart Necklace, 3. House Coat in Naval, 4. Vane Bag)


Look two is a classic, workday look. Warm, comfortable and smart black pants, a singlet tucked in with the top thrown over, a sweet little necklace around your neck, a beautiful navy wool coat wrapped around your shoulders and this soft, leather bag slung over you. You'll be looking professional, feeling beautiful and up to facing a day at work! 


Hope this has provided some inspiration as to how to wear the lovely Broken English Top! If you've seen some pieces you like then remember we have 20% off storewide until next Wednesday 12th June (excluding Orania and laybys). Use the code may20 to receive this discount online!

Enjoy your weekend, may this crisp sunny weather ever continue!


Anneke xoxo



Winter Is Coming

Winter is (kinda) here! Let’s celebrate the glories of this crisp, chilly weather with a blog post all about the best bits of Winter; clothes, food and wintery things to do.

Winter clothes! We have a wonderful range of winter clothes here at Madame Fancy Pants. Highnoontea, Miss Sparrow, Arielle Mermin and Book of Deer are currently gracing our racks. Such stunning collections, you have to check them out! Plus we have COATS. I think coats are the best part of winter, but finding The One can be a bit of a chore. You need a coat that you can throw over your snuggly jumpers, one that will go with everything and one that isn’t black. Lucky we have two perfect coats and one little rain cape to make finding The One a lot easier. Have a peek at this classic navy coat and little red rain cape from Highnoontea.

And how about this stunning wool cape from Miss Sparrow?

Winter food and drinks; the comfort, the cuddling up in bed with a mug of homemade hot chocolate, the “using baking as a way to keep warm” trick.

Hot Chocolate is my guilty pleasure in winter, especially with a massive dollop of cloud like cream. Everyone likes hot chocolate, so why not keep things interesting and try out some creative flavours like Red Velvet and Salted Caramel? I created a wonderful, easy hot chocolate recipe for a midnight feast after dancing my night away to the sweet tunes of John The Baptist one chilly Friday night (JTB are a great wintery band, plenty of foot stomping dancing to be had), here it is; take one cup of milk and heat on the stove with about two to four rows of milk chocolate (I used Dairy Milk, but Whittaker’s Creamy Milk would make for a richer, smoother drink; I’d probably use less chocolate, more to nibble on!) add a drop or two of vanilla essence and a sprinkling of cinnamon, remember to keep stirring! Pour into your favourite mug and snuggle up in bed with your favourite book.

Can’t wait to try out some warm, snuggly cocktails from A Beautiful Mess! Love me a mug of mulled wine, but warm spiked cider sounds perfect for warding off the chills too.

We just got a new fridge here at MFP so we ladies can bring in some lovely soup to warm us up on those bitter, cold days. Soup is such a fantastic winter lunch, easy to take to work and usually healthy too! Check out 101Cookbooks post ‘Soups Worth Making’ for an eclectic and delicious mix of soup recipes. Really want the Pumpkin and Rice Soup in my belly right now!

If soup isn’t your jam, and you really want to delve into a bowl of cheesy, classic comfort food with a twist check out '30 Mac and Cheese Recipes' from The Food In My Beard. I know. My jaw dropped too.

What to do in Winter? Don't feel as if all there is to do is curl up in bed and watch movies from your laptop (although that isn't such a bad idea!). Wellington is full of lovely things to do, and you can always get a little creative when you're stuck indoors for the day! 

+ With the end of the water ban we can finally get our skates on and try out the ice rink on the waterfront! Outdoors + exercise= good vibes. So excited for this one! See here for the daily sessions they run. 

+ Need something to keep little ones occupied and you inspired? Be sure to check out the Wellington Makertorium on April 27th at Te Papa if you’re a crafter/creator/inventor/tinkerer/thinker. A one of a kind massive exhibition featuring all kinds of brilliantly creative and inventive bits and bobs, as well as workshops for those mini-makers! 

+ Like music? Go to a gig. Dancing is sure to keep the spirits high, check out Brockaflowersaurus-rex at Bodega on May 11th. Their eclectic mix of hip hop, funk and soul will have you tapping your feet for sure. Preview their music and get warmed up before you go by listening to their EP online

+ Don’t want to venture outdoors? If you’re a crafty type an Embroidery Transfer and some Floss from Sublime Stitching will keep your fingers occupied and the boredom at bay as you sew by the fire, or whip up a cute little animal from Sarah Young to decorate your sofa this Winter; the fox and the hare are particularly well suited to the chilly months.

So there it is! A whole bunch of wintery goodness to keep you entertained, stylish and full this winter! Stay tuned for gift ideas for Mum this Mother’s Day and a Winter Style Special.

Thanks for reading!

Anneke xoxo


Summer already? MFP checks out Summer 2014 at Wellington Fashion Week

With the impending chill of Winter, last week was the perfect week to have Wellington Fashion Week.  Myself and a bunch of other folk were lucky enough to check out collections for Summer 2014 on the runway.  Lovely! New Zealand Fashion Week always shows Winter collections, so this was a fabulous time for designers to show off what wondrous summer goodies they have conjured up.

Many of you will know that MFP currently stocks fantastic designers High Noon Tea (New Plymouth) and Arielle Mermin (Mount Maunganui).  After viewing the group show we are super excited to announce that Madame Fancy Pants’ hangers will be graced with gorgeous garments by the talented Silence Was.. (Auckland) and Mardle (Wellington). 

Here are some sneak peeks at looks we loved at the Wellington Fashion Week group show from High Noon Tea, Mardle and Silence was.


All runway shots are by Jenn Hadley Photography.  Do make sure you check out her Wellington Fashion Week photography competition entry which features High Noon Tea, Kate of Arcadia and Madame Fancy Pants.  Gorgeous!