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Gift guides for mama!


Mother's day is on its way and we are excited that we will be able to ship out your orders just in time!
NOW our super couriers are going to be B U S Y! so...To save a little courier time and cost - If your mum lives far from you in NZ then we are HAPPY to wrap up the gifts you choose and write a note in the card that you get her – we know it is not the same as you writing in it but Aimee has super lovely handwriting and mum will be STOKED to get a wee something thoughtful on mother’s day – if she can’t have you making her breakfast in bed or taking her out to your fave local for brunch.
NOW we also are running our buy 2 get a 3rd free campaign – how?
Choose any 3 items from our Lock Down Clearance category and the lowest priced goodie is FREE – yep F R E E! -- No code needed!
Give us a holler if you need any help choosing – Aimee will be in store on Tuesday safely packing all your goodies solo.

Best and love to you!
xClaire (Aimee & Maddie)


All full priced purchases are eligible for point gain.

Free Mother's Day Card!

Mother's day is'a coming.

Treat her with a little something lovely from these goodies we think mum will be just tickled with!

If you spend over $50 we will include a lovely FREE Mother's day card of our choosing (and they are all beautiful - believe us!!)

Use the code LOVEYOUMUM on check out and we will get the goodies to you lickity split - we can even gift wrap them AND write in the card if you fancy it being sent straight to her (not that you have left it till the last minute....right?!)

T&C - $50 purchase / Ends 5/5/16 / Card of our choosing.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

Just a friendly reminder that Mother's Day is on the 12th of May, that's just over a week away! To help you avoid a stressful panic last minute, here's a bucket full of gift ideas to make your Mum, or another Mum, or you (if you're a Mum), very happy indeed! 

Here's a bunch that won't break the bank, but will make a lovely lady feel super special.

1) Lil Lovelies Charm Necklace
2) Jewellery Tree 
3) A Fools Heart Bracelet 
4) Cutting Shapes Bracelet
5) Sarah Young Tea Towel/ Cushion DIY 
6) Longest Drink In Town Cups
7) Carpe Diem Journal 
8) Hagen-Renaker Miniatures 
9) Tote Bag
10) MOR Petite Candle
11) MOR Handcream 
12) Kester Black Nail Polish
13) Sukie Zip Pouch

Here's a cute idea: combine the MOR Handcream and a bottle of Kester Black Nail Polish with a homemade voucher for a manicure for Mum, given by you of course! She'll feel ultra pampered, and she might even return the favour and paint your nails too! Perfect.

If the above list of lovely things didn't quite tickle your fancy and you feel like absolutely spoiling your Mum, here's our picks for gifts over $50.

1) The Orient Blouse, Miss Sparrow
2) Perfect Harmony Necklace 
3) Status Anxiety Phoebe Purse
4) Status Anxiety Dakota Wallet
5) Jen Renninger Print
6) Status Anxiety 'Some Secret Place' Bag
7) MOR La Dolce Vita Gift Pack
8) MOR Marshmallow Eau De Parfum
9) Figs & Ginger Circle Fawn Necklace

Phew! Now you have no excuses to not spoil your Mum this Mother's Day. Remember that we can gift wrap any orders for ya, so you don't even need to lift a finger (we won't tell Mum).