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What better way is there to brighten up a wet and chilly week than watching this lady strut her stuff in some bootylicious videos? Got me lookin' so crazy right now..

And who runs the world? Let me hear you say it; GIRLS! 

Now you're all pumped and have practiced your booty shaking skills in the comfort of your home, bring them and all your attitude to the Beyonce Covers Night at Mighty Mighty on Friday night! Featuring an array of wonderful performers such as Lisa Tomlins and The Digg, you'll sure have an amazing time. The ladies at Madame Fancy Pants are all going too, dressed up and ready to dance! Did somebody say velvet croptop and big hoop earrings?..

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See ya'll there! Keep warm, keep chipper! I'll leave you with some words of wisdom from Mrs Carter herself:

"I strongly believe that if you work hard, whatever you want, it will come to you. I know that's easier said than done, but keep trying!"

xoxo Anneke xoxo

Winter Is Coming

Winter is (kinda) here! Let’s celebrate the glories of this crisp, chilly weather with a blog post all about the best bits of Winter; clothes, food and wintery things to do.

Winter clothes! We have a wonderful range of winter clothes here at Madame Fancy Pants. Highnoontea, Miss Sparrow, Arielle Mermin and Book of Deer are currently gracing our racks. Such stunning collections, you have to check them out! Plus we have COATS. I think coats are the best part of winter, but finding The One can be a bit of a chore. You need a coat that you can throw over your snuggly jumpers, one that will go with everything and one that isn’t black. Lucky we have two perfect coats and one little rain cape to make finding The One a lot easier. Have a peek at this classic navy coat and little red rain cape from Highnoontea.

And how about this stunning wool cape from Miss Sparrow?

Winter food and drinks; the comfort, the cuddling up in bed with a mug of homemade hot chocolate, the “using baking as a way to keep warm” trick.

Hot Chocolate is my guilty pleasure in winter, especially with a massive dollop of cloud like cream. Everyone likes hot chocolate, so why not keep things interesting and try out some creative flavours like Red Velvet and Salted Caramel? I created a wonderful, easy hot chocolate recipe for a midnight feast after dancing my night away to the sweet tunes of John The Baptist one chilly Friday night (JTB are a great wintery band, plenty of foot stomping dancing to be had), here it is; take one cup of milk and heat on the stove with about two to four rows of milk chocolate (I used Dairy Milk, but Whittaker’s Creamy Milk would make for a richer, smoother drink; I’d probably use less chocolate, more to nibble on!) add a drop or two of vanilla essence and a sprinkling of cinnamon, remember to keep stirring! Pour into your favourite mug and snuggle up in bed with your favourite book.

Can’t wait to try out some warm, snuggly cocktails from A Beautiful Mess! Love me a mug of mulled wine, but warm spiked cider sounds perfect for warding off the chills too.

We just got a new fridge here at MFP so we ladies can bring in some lovely soup to warm us up on those bitter, cold days. Soup is such a fantastic winter lunch, easy to take to work and usually healthy too! Check out 101Cookbooks post ‘Soups Worth Making’ for an eclectic and delicious mix of soup recipes. Really want the Pumpkin and Rice Soup in my belly right now!

If soup isn’t your jam, and you really want to delve into a bowl of cheesy, classic comfort food with a twist check out '30 Mac and Cheese Recipes' from The Food In My Beard. I know. My jaw dropped too.

What to do in Winter? Don't feel as if all there is to do is curl up in bed and watch movies from your laptop (although that isn't such a bad idea!). Wellington is full of lovely things to do, and you can always get a little creative when you're stuck indoors for the day! 

+ With the end of the water ban we can finally get our skates on and try out the ice rink on the waterfront! Outdoors + exercise= good vibes. So excited for this one! See here for the daily sessions they run. 

+ Need something to keep little ones occupied and you inspired? Be sure to check out the Wellington Makertorium on April 27th at Te Papa if you’re a crafter/creator/inventor/tinkerer/thinker. A one of a kind massive exhibition featuring all kinds of brilliantly creative and inventive bits and bobs, as well as workshops for those mini-makers! 

+ Like music? Go to a gig. Dancing is sure to keep the spirits high, check out Brockaflowersaurus-rex at Bodega on May 11th. Their eclectic mix of hip hop, funk and soul will have you tapping your feet for sure. Preview their music and get warmed up before you go by listening to their EP online

+ Don’t want to venture outdoors? If you’re a crafty type an Embroidery Transfer and some Floss from Sublime Stitching will keep your fingers occupied and the boredom at bay as you sew by the fire, or whip up a cute little animal from Sarah Young to decorate your sofa this Winter; the fox and the hare are particularly well suited to the chilly months.

So there it is! A whole bunch of wintery goodness to keep you entertained, stylish and full this winter! Stay tuned for gift ideas for Mum this Mother’s Day and a Winter Style Special.

Thanks for reading!

Anneke xoxo


Roseneath Rebels Competition!

So this Friday in Wellington at The San Francisco Bath House a musical extravaganza is going to happen.  The Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band and Richter City Rebels have teamed up to become one mega super band!  I am actually beside myself with joy for this gig.  Its going to be full of wonderous toe tapping bum wiggling music.  And beards.  Ok so maybe just a few but they will be mighty!

Madame Fancy Pants is lucky enough to have 2 double passes to give away and....yes AND a cd from each of The Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band and Richter City Rebels for the lucky 2 winners. 
How do I win you say? well you just need to leave a comment here telling us your favourite style of moustache/beard and why and we will choose a winner on Friday afternoon.  YEAH!

Want to know more about the gig? of course you do.
Here are the details...

The Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band and the Richter City Rebels are coming together on May the 25th to set the night alight with high energy sing-a-longs and dance music. 

"It's going to be madness - 10 horns, 3 drummers, 16 singers, guitar, upright bass and even an upright piano all on one stage. I've got no idea how we're going to fit!" said Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band pianist, Dayle Jellyman. 

The San Francisco Bath House will host this event, which will feature a combined set with both bands onstage at once. 

"Both bands play music that is all about getting people up and moving, having a great time, so it feels quite natural for us to be coming together for this show" said Richter City Rebels band leader, Lex French. 

Kicking the night off will be the Richter City Rebels and their take on the New Orleans style street beat brass band sound, followed by the RoseneathCentennial Ragtime Band with their 6 part vocals and impeccable dress sense. 

Featuring a range of NZ's finest musicians, this show promises to be a night to remember with a mix of original Wellington music and classic New Orleans stomps and swaggers. 

The Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band and The Richter City Rebels at San Francisco Bath House, Friday May 25th. Tickets are available at, $10 + booking fee, $15 on the door. 

CDs will never be this hot.

Most folks have a fond memory involving records.  I have a mother had a large record collection and we moved...well lets just say I have had a transient life! the movers would roll their eyes when presented with the many many banana boxes filled to the brim for them to move.  My mum would bat her lashes.

For my 11th birthday a friend gave me Bon Jovis 'Slippery when wet' ...(hmm..yes he was a boy and no your not going to think bad thoughts!).  I remember my utter sadness as a 15 year old when I mistakenly left my favorite Micheal Jackson 'Thriller' record out and it got hit by the sun and warped....but when ever I listened to the record after there was something great about the sound that the warped record made.

These days I mainly use CDs or my computer for music playin, but a CD will never sound as great as a record or look as hot!


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