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Gift Ideas for Mum!

Get something beautiful for that lovely mother in your life, whether she's yours or someone else's! 

1) MOR Marshmallow Body Oil 

2) Orania Facial Cleanser (soft, gentle, natural, New Zealand made)

3) Petite Kitchen 2014 Calendar (full of scrummy, healthy recipes)

4) Bucket List (for all her hopes and dreams)

5) Round Glass Bell Jar (for displaying all her lovely trinkets)

6) Porcelain Eiffel Tower

7) Porcelain Bird Ornament 

8) MFP Custom Handstamped Necklace* (pick a charm, pick a chain, pick a sweet message for your Mama!)

9) Status Anxiety Audrey Wallet 

10) MOR Fragrant Candle 

These gift ideas work equally good for your wife, girlfriend, sister or daughter! Because, really, all us girls just want to feel special!



*Custom necklace order cut-off is on the 18th December if you want it before Christmas!

If It's Gatsby, It's Great

The whole world seems to be going 20s mad; with Baz Luhrmann’s sparkling film, The Great Gatsby, setting it all off with a bang. The other week the girls from MFP and some lovely friends wandered on down to the Embassy for cocktails, chat and an evening with Jay Gatsby.

Image Courtesy of The Great Gatsby Film

The film was all kinds of glitz and glam, opulent and indulgent, and so damn pretty! It was an easy film to watch; straightforward and simple in story, sublime in visual beauty. What it was lacking in depth it made up for in the most glorious costumes, digitally perfected fantastical sets and the most epic of onscreen parties; think flowing champagne, glitzy flappers, dapper gents, all hedonistically dancing around to some serious hip-hop of today.  

It’s easy to see how the world has suddenly become so obsessive with the Roaring Twenties. If you’ve been invited along to a Gatsby inspired event, want to throw one yourself, or simply want to embody a bit of Twenties glamour before heading to see the film, you’ve definitely stumbled across the right blog post.

Need some style inspiration? Take note of Daisy Buchanan’s look.

Daisy Buchanan (image courtesy of The Great Gatsby Film)

The image says it all; big glittering jewels and soft, neutral tones with a deco headdress to boot. Daisy consistently looks pretty, innocent and perfect; drop waists, glitter, pastel pinks, creams and lavenders. Make up is minimal and glowing. Think garden parties and lounging around in summer with your best friend, your favourite cake and a bottle of champagne. If an edgy look is more your thing, be sure to look to Daisy’s best friend Jordan Baker for some inspiration; harsh blacks, silky creams and yellows, masculine tailoring, slick bob, smoky eyes and red lips.

Once you’ve sorted your outfit, you’ll be sure to be looking for some deco inspired jewels that will make you every bit the flapper. So, have a proper look through Madame Fancy Pant’s ‘In Moonlight’ Collection.

Madame Fancy Pants


From crystals to skulls, delicate to bold, this collection really does have something for everyone. Plus, each piece fits perfectly within a Roaring Twenties world. That ‘This Little Light’ necklace definitely looks like it was nabbed straight out of Daisy’s jewellery box…

So, your look is (hopefully) sorted! If you want to grab a cocktail before you watch the film, we definitely recommend The Black Sparrow below The Embassy. It fully encapsulates 20s elegance. It even has a Gatsby inspired cocktail menu! If you head there on a Tuesday, like we did, you can save some cash and get two for one cocktails. So, drink up!

If your Gatsby event is all set up at home, you should try making your own cocktails. I sourced this ‘Golden Girl’ cocktail from the beautiful girls at A Beautiful Mess blog; with all that glitter it looks like something Jay Gatsby’s party guests would have a few of. The scrumptious recipe can be found HERE.


Once you've got your get up, your jewels and your drinks all prepped and ready to go, I think it’s time to get your party started!

Hope you enjoyed another stellar edition of our Wednesday blog, stay tuned for Friday’s gig inspired blog post!

Anneke xoxox

New! M.F.P. Custom Handstamped Necklaces


Want to give a super personal, loving gift? Or maybe you've got a favourite song lyric or quote you want to wear around the place? Even if it's just to say a small "hi" or a big "I love you", these sweet little custom necklaces are for you!



It's simple, you have a choice of a beautiful brass charm (banner, tiny star, lightning bolt or starburst) and the length and type of chain that it will go on. You also choose what you want your charm to say; each charm has a certain number of letters that it can fit, so make sure you check out all four to find the perfect one for your chosen words.The charm is then handstamped and oxidised by the lovely Madame, Claire, who will be handcrafting your new necklace.  

The chain is just as important as the charm and your message, so use this handy guide to pick the perfect one for you! You also get to choose the length of your chain; 45cm for those who like their necklaces short, 70cm for those who like their necklaces long. Just remember that the sterling silver chain will cost you a little extra ($20 for the 45cm, $30 for the 70cm).


After you've picked everything and bought your special gift, all you have to do is be really, really, really patient (I know, it's hard for me too) and wait for 5 working days (only 5 days- you can do it!) and then your necklace will be all created, ready and wrapped up for ya! Then you can gift it to that special someone who will be grinning for days and wearing your loving message on their necklace every, single day. Or, if you've gifted one to yourself, you can show it off to your friends who will all be so jealous of your lovely new Madame Fancy Pants custom made necklace.


So, what are you waiting for? Claire has got her jewellery making fingertips at the ready!  


xox Anneke xox



New Status Anxiety Has Arrived! Hooray!

I was hoping for a little bit more build up for this announcement, but hey, you guys get to get your hands on these beauties even sooner! We got in just a few of these lovely bags, so be super super quick if you want one wrapped around your body now. The new blue is just stunning, check them all out and the rest of our Status Anxiety collection by clicking HERE.


Friday's Clothing Pick of The Week is this comfy, pretty, warm little number from Celine Rita. Throw on the Bella Sweater with some skinnies, black boots and a chunky necklace. Or wear it over a pretty little party dress to keep you warm at your weekend drinks. The hot pink specks make this jumper a little more dressy than your average throw over, so make sure she's seen worn loud and proud!

Going to a pot luck? Feel like baking something scrumptious but also, kinda, healthy? You should check out the Petite Kitchen Blog. Such amazing, nutritious and delicious recipes; be careful not to get caught drooling on the keyboard. We have a bunch of the Petite Kitchen Winter Journals here at Madame Fancy Pants, and we're loving them, so make sure you get a copy of one of these limited prints if you love the look of Eleanor's blog!



In other Madame Fancy Pants news, we are looking for a lovely lady to fill the place of one of our girls (me!) who's going away overseas for a little bit. Dates are: 16 September - 31 October. 4 days a week (Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri) 11-5 and 11-6 on Fridays. If this sounds like you, and you've got brilliant fashion retail and/or customer service experience, then get in touch with Claire at


Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend! 


xox Anneke xox