Banter banner

After moving into a new apartment summer of '09 in Brooklyn, Angela Deane had a string of particularly tense and unsavoury dreams. She spotted a GOOD LUCK banner at a neighbourhood knick knack store and promptly purchased it and hung it over her bed.  Immediately she stood back smiling, charmed by the look of it flying solo on a white wall. It was surprisingly elegant and strong.  It was fantastic.  
A month later with dreams a bit lighter Angela gazed up at the banner still in place and said aloud,
"Why hasn't anyone ever made these to say more off-the-beaten-path things?"
And at three a.m that morning, she popped up out of bed and squealed, "WAIT. That someone is me!"
And so Banter Banner came to be.  No longer only for holidays, but for the everyday. 

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