Dressed is a family-owned and operated New Zealand fashion label; started and continually driven by a true love of fashion and style. 

The Dressed muse is an everyday New Zealand woman. Their styles are designed to be easy wearing with 
specific attention to creating feminine cuts that flatter all ages and body shapes. Designs are classic yet contemporary, stylish yet simple, and timeless with exceptional tailoring and fit. Collections have a heavy reliance on natural fabrics and an easy-wearing attitude making it easier for New Zealand women to get dressed; no matter what the occasion.

MISSION: Dressed's mission is to inspire women to invest in their wardrobes, supporting the slow fashion movement. All of their pieces are crafted to the highest quality and designed to last a lifetime. For any occasion - a business meeting, a social event, out on the school run or for a long lunch with friends – Dressed ensures any wardrobe can be adaptable and easily transcend from travel to function in a fluent and accessible way. 

PRODUCTION: The majority of production is carried out in Christchurch, with some being manufactured in Auckland for larger runs. Their basics t-shirt and crew range are sourced from an Auckland-based import company and then printed/embroidered locally in Geraldine.

Dressed's passion for the New Zealand fashion industry is why they created Dressed, however, to keep prices realistic for our basics range these had to be sourced offshore. Rest assured we have made sure this company has the highest ethical standards and supports the factory workers paying them a living wage.

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