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Play the Patriarchy: A Card Game

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You know that game where someone draws a card and then everyone tries to match it with the funniest, dirtiest, and most disturbing thing? This game is kinda like that, but if it were created by a bunch of hilarious women. Because it was. Developed by the team at the feminist satire website Reductress, Play the Patriarchy is based on some of their most attention-grabbing articles.

To play, pick a matriarch to pull a prompt and judge players’ answers. Everyone else then matches as many subject, verb, and descriptor cards as they can to the prompt to make a sentence they think the matriarch will choose above the rest. For example, if the prompt is “Too real” you might choose cards to build the sentence “Literally” “at a bar” “at 7 a.m.” and a prompt reading “Name of a book, probably” could lead to “New age friend” “going to yoga” “living their best life” “but with oat milk.” Players take turns as the matriarch, and in the end, the player who’s used the most prompt cards wins. (Warning: These examples are pretty tame compared to some in the bunch. Get ready to blush, face palm, and laugh... a lot.) 

- 18+