Dots Beanie - Charcoal & Mustard w Mustard Pompom

Dots Beanie - Charcoal & Mustard w Mustard Pompom

SourPuss Knits

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A cozy knit beanie with a small dot pattern. It has a snug, fold up ribbed edge, which will keep your ears nice and toasty, yet it's lightweight enough to be worn throughout the seasons.

Because this pattern produces less floats (yarn strands on the inside), it is a bit thinner than other hats and has more slouch. That makes it the perfect seasonal transition hat.

- Unisex size

- Slouchy fit

- Made with 100% wool, produced in the USA

- Hand wash only

Why wool?

- Superior, natural fiber

- Wicks away moisture (it can get wet and keep you warm)

- It's breathable (cozy, not stale and stuffy)

- Resilient (take good care of it, and it'll last a long time!)