2022 Diary - Colourline Emerald Green Midiflexi 12 x 17cm

$30.00 NZD

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In the colors of nature - the warm tone of brown with contrasting emerald green - this stylish appointment calendar 2022 accompanies you through the year.

-Pocket calendar in the format 12  x 17 cm-
- One week at a glance on one side, opposite side with dot grid
- 4-language calendar
- International Holidays
- Phases of the moon
- Annual overview and monthly overviews
- Flexible cardboard cover in natural colors
- Colored cut
- Elastic band closure

The cover, the colored side cut and the elastic band, with which the planner can be securely closed, are rich in contrast and harmonious at the same time. In the handy format of 12 x 17 cm, the trendy diary fits in every handbag.

The well thought-out layout of the weekly calendar makes scheduling a pleasure: The clear four-language calendar (English, German, French, Dutch) offers enough space for your entries and helps to keep an eye on international holidays when making arrangements. Annual and monthly overviews provide an even better overview.

For people who like to remember the elementary basics of life, this EarthLine Diary Calendar 2022 is just the right gift.