Mi Goals

2023 MG Desk Calendar

$30.00 NZD

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With the focus and planning that MiGoals is known for, the 2023 Desk Calendar works harder than your average day-counter.
On top of the monthly grid view that helps you keep track of the birthdays and other important events, MiGoals' 2023 Desk Calendar also puts your monthly goals and habits right in front of you as you work, keeping you on track as you put in the hard yards to achieve your goals. Plus, each month features an inspirational quote to give you that extra boost of encouragement to keep going when things are tough.

- 23.5cm x 18cm 
- Jan-Dec 2023
- Monthly grid view
- Monthly quotes
- Monthly goals and key habits spaces
- Notes section
- Fountain pen-friendly
- Designed in Australia; made in China