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Crazy Cat Lady Book

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Welcome to the new "crazy cat lady." Once a dowdy, eccentric figure with at least a dozen cats shedding hair on every available surface, today she's a hip-at-any-age woman who knows an unassailable truth: Cats are awesome! And she declares her kitty love with pride, humour, and-like her cats-an irresistible dose of sass. Her tote bag is stocked with lint rollers and catnip. 
With clever text by Ms. Scholten and utterly charming artwork by Ms. Loonstra, Crazy Cat Lady is a celebration of the quirky, relatable, and instantly recognizable habits of devoted feline fans. Featuring portraits of crazy cat ladies through history, from Florence Nightingale to Katy Perry. 
- By Ester Scholten and illustrated by Agnes Loonstra
- Hardback
- 112 pages
- 12.5cm x 13cm