Jungle Paradise - A Colouring Book

Jungle Paradise - A Colouring Book

Lorna Scobie

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Colour in the lines – or out!

Escape the stresses of life and transport yourself to the heart of the jungle by simply picking up a colouring pencil. Featuring all your favourite jungle animals - from chameleons, toucans, leopards, and anteaters to turtles and tropical fish - and vibrant plant life, Jungle Paradise includes a combination of detailed illustrated scenes and cross-sections (for a longer colouring session) and simpler, abstract objects (for short breaks). It is sure to match your every mood and creative urge. You can colour in the rain forest or add in your own flora and fauna to create a unique artwork. The artist's intricate style of illustration invites you to reach for a pen and immerse yourself in this exotic jungle world. Complete with motivational and calming quotes throughout, this is the perfect colouring book to help you relax and unwind.

-25 x 20cm