Rolla Bottle

Rolla Bottle - Aquamarine & Red

$49.00 NZD

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We are in LOVE with these new Rolla bottles! Always on the hunt for the perfect drink bottle - this may just be it. Compact and lightweight Rolla Bottle is your roll-small, easy carry bottle. Always carry around a bottle - then you drink the glorious contents - and then what? You have to carry around a large space filling bottle till you can fill it again. NO MORE! Roll this sucker up when you're done! 
It stands tall and functions as a regular bottle when full and rolls small when empty. 
Perfect for travel, outdoors, fitness, and everyday use.
Rolla Bottle is a reusable, portable water bottle that fits with your lifestyle.  
- 700ml
- Collapsible
- Premium silicone
- BPA free
- Carabiner
- Easy Clean
- Dishwasher Safe
All parts carry a lifetime guarantee and are individually replaceable. #winning