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Epic plant-based comfort food for everyone, with gluten-free options for just about everything.

The #1 bestselling book in the country for 2020 - my newest, most amazing, plant-based book is here. It's adored by carnivores, veggos, vegans and fussy eaters alike so if you've got some major FOMO, it's time to join the revolution!


Do you cook for anyone who can't (or won't) eat dairy, meat or eggs?

Do cook for someone who can't tolerate gluten?

Does the idea of a whole section dedicated to gluten, dairy and egg-free baking excite you?

Are you curious to try out a few plant-based meals, but don't know where to start?

Do you want foolproof recipes that are hearty, tasty and family-friendly (not just salads and roasted kale)?

Are the people you cook for fussy eaters (or skeptical of meat-free dinners)?

Do you freak out at the thought of having to prepare food for the vegans and vegetarians in your life?


Do you trust your old mate Chelsea to always deliver epic delicious food everyone will love?

If you said yes EVEN ONCE, you straight up need this book in your life. 

First off there's a massive section full of dinners, light meals and snacks. Super tasty spaghetti bolognese, creamy pasta, snausage rolls, macaroni cheese, lush Thai green curry, fireside cottage pie, French onion soup, pulled BBQ 'pork' burgers with onion rings, oozy quesadillas, crispy sweet & sour cauliflower, (m)eatloaf, pizza, TWO types of lasagne, ramen, Sunday roast pie, pumpkin & chickpea curry, Pad Thai, golden tortilla bake, hot dogs, summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce, festive stuffed mushrooms, cheesy tomato tart and some hearty salads that are meals in themselves.

THEN there's a baking and desserts section and that's something special because as well as some sumptuous new recipes, I've also taken some beloved classics and made them gluten, dairy and egg-free. Ginger slice, caramel slice (not a date in sight!), chocolate ice cream, banoffie pie, Oreo ice cream cake, chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, peanut truffles, chocolate mousse, cupcakes, fudge, gelato, doughnuts, hotcakes. There's also the ultimate Vanilla Celebration Cake - my favourite recipe in the book. It's going to be your absolute saviour for allergy-safe birthday parties.

You'll also love the delightful section with all sorts of everyday staples like herby pesto, the BEST gluten-free muesli, hummus, fresh juices, smoothies, homemade crackers, plant-based butter, creamy feta - you get the gist.