Tailor Oil Cleanse 100ml

Tailor Oil Cleanse 100ml

Tailor Skin Care

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Why use oil as a facial cleanser? Isn’t that like using Coke as mouthwash to treat gum disease? Not exactly, oils are highly absorbent in nature and Tailor Oil Cleanse’s unique formula works on the principle that like dissolves like. Tailor Oil Cleanse gently removes make up and dirty oily build up to leave your skin feeling clean, clear, fresh and balanced, all without stripping the skin of it’s natural protective layer.

Adapted from traditional oil cleansing methods, Tailor Oil Cleanse gently removes makeup while drawing oily build-up out of the pores and nourishing skin.

Incorporate Tailor Oil Cleanse’s skin loving formula into your evening beauty routine.  Apply cleansing oil to wet face, massage on skin (focusing on make up areas and dry areas) then lay a warm face cloth over your face for a few glorious moments and then wipe with face cloth.

Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, NZ Hazelnut Oil, Organic Kanuka Essential Oil, Vitamins A and E.

Size: 100ml