Kiwi Diary

The Kiwi Diary - 2023

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Your 365 days of inspiration for 2023, of beautiful art, recipes, poems, and something on each page for the curious mind - is finally here!

The Kiwi Diary is your essential partner (heck, soulmate) for 2023, a beautiful collision of practical A5 diary, enhanced with carefully curated content to feed your mind and soul!

The Kiwi Diary makes it a fun pleasure to stay organised, and journal your plans, goals and dreams for 2023! The 256 pages feature stunning art, recipes, poetry, and articles from 59 incredibly talented contributors, designed for the curious mind, while sharing a wide range of wisdom to build understanding of things that bring meaning to our lives.

- 5 day week per 2-page spread, alternating with
- weekend and content on next 2-page spread
- ribbon bookmark and elastic closer - it's the little things!
- inspirational quotes to feed your mind and soul
- goal setting and interactive ikigai purpose-finding guides
- 2023 calendar on a 2-page spread for year-at-a-glance planning (with NZ Public holidays)
- all days in te reo maori and english
- information on Te Tiriti - The Treaty of Waitangi
- A5 landscape (210 x 150mm)
- Weight: 200gm

Kiwi Diary will make 2023 your best year! It is a hug in book form, warming your day and your mind, helping align the compass of your values with what matters, filled with inspirational creativity distilled from the hearts and minds of creative humans from around Aotearoa.

The Kiwi Diary 2023 is the 18th edition of this beautiful A5 diary.