The Cuba Street Project

The Cuba Street Project

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Cuba Street has many faces.

Restaurants, cafes, record shops, fashion outlets and of course, the bucket fountain. Cuba Street has iconic status in Wellington - its colour and character over the last few decades have made it a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike. From the late lamented Matterhorn and Mighty Mighty, to Midnight Expresso, Logan Brown and Ombra, the street is filled with places and people worth remembering.

Beth Brash is a Wellington-based foodie and blogger. She knows the local food scene extremely well, having been the manager of the popular Beervana festival and now programme manager for Visa Wellington On a Plate. She and her photographer sister, Alice Lloyd, spent a summer capturing the essence of Cuba Street, visiting all the eateries and off-beat shops and meeting the characters that run them, with Alice taking the photos and Beth researching, interviewing and gathering recipes. The fascinating result is The Cuba Street Project.

- Hardcover
- 20 x 23cm