Tiger Days - A Book Of Feelings

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On Tiger days I want to climb - I'm WILD and I'm FIERCE! I pace around and POUNCE and ROAR - That's just what tiger days are for!
On turtle days I'm quiet - on turtle days I'm SHY. I don't have much I want to say - I'd rather hide my face away.

From tiger fierce to snail slow, there are lots of ways to feel and be. A walk through this colorful, rhyming menagerie helps young readers understand their feelings and the ways those feelings change. 

Everybody has different days - and this gorgeously illustrated book by M.H Clark is the perfect way to explore those feelings with younger people. Written in simple form, this book uses animals kids know and love to describe how we might feel at different times - easy to understand and great for all ages. 

Children will recognise their own emotions on these pages—their enthusiasm, stubbornness, excitement, silliness, sadness, and strength. And they’ll come to see that, no matter how they act or feel each day, they’re always still themselves.

- Flocked detailing on cover
- Hardcover with jacket
- 24 x 23.5cm
- 32 pages
- Illustrated by Anna Hurley