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Trust Me You Can Letter

$45.90 NZD

Do you love the look of fancy letters but think they are too hard to draw? Think again! Everyone's favourite art teacher, Mrs. Arnold, is back with another super-fun guide that breaks popular art techniques down into bite-sized lessons. In this newest book, Mrs. Arnold will teach you how to draw 18 different alphabet styles! The book is conveniently organised into three main lettering styles: classic art deco letters, fancy cursive letters, and fun bubble letters. It's the easiest way to learn lettering. So, whether you are decorating a scrapbook, making a cute card to send to a friend, or just playing around, youll be able to pick the lettering style that's right for you. BONUS: Also included in the book are 40+ step-by-step drawing exercises and lessons on how to put together complete compositions.

- Paperback
- 176 pages
- 21.6 x 25.4cm