Weed - Everything You Want To Know But Are Always Too Stoned To Ask

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Packed with useful tips and delicious recipes from a slew of experts, Weed covers smoking, cooking, and growing cannabis, as well as proper stoner etiquette and a guide to must-visit destinations around the world.

Not too long ago, it might have seemed impossible that cannabis would step out of the shadows into the mainstream. But now, as legalisation sweeps the globe, a new weed culture is evolving with its own set of rules - and thousands of new devotees eager to learn them. Journalist Michelle Lhooq lives in Los Angeles and is at the forefront of this revolution. Through her own expertise as well as interviews with stars from the weed scene, she presents a captivating glimpse into the wild new frontier of cannabis.

This witty, insightful guidebook offers useful tips on how to smoke joints, vapes, and concentrates; make edibles and infused cocktails; grow the plant at home; and find the best cannabis stores. It imparts the wisdom of renowned potheads such as pioneering dub music producer Lee "Scratch" Perry and includes interviews with the cannabis industry's most exciting and innovative figures, from a lauded chef who puts on a gourmet weed dinner series, to the editors of a weed-centric magazine, to a "cannasexual" sex educator, and more. Complete with vibrant new hand-drawn illustrations by the artist Thu Tran, Weed is cutting-edge, comprehensive, and brimming with sparkling personalities - an essential introduction to pot for both newbies and die-hards alike.

Book Features:
- Instead of focusing on cultivation or history, this practical guide book looks at the pop culture side of marijuana and gives tips on how to be the best stoner you can be.
- This book combines over 100 hand-drawn illustrations with eye-catching graphic design.
- Included in the book are relevant interviews with famous users of marijuana.
- The book reflects the tone of the times: young, woke, socially conscious, and fun, like chatting with your wittiest friend. While ostensibly aimed at newbies, this book's tongue-in-cheek attitude and in-depth expertise will also make it a must-read for the most seasoned stoners.
- 100 colour images
- Hardcover
- 24.5 cm x 17.5 cm
- 160 pages