Camden Co

Wheat Bag - Linen Mocha

$50.00 NZD

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So, your back aches, your period pain is kicking your ass and that pain just won't quit. What are you going to do about it? Settle in with a cuppa, and get this gorgeous NZ made wheaty hearty bag in the microwave and put it on your achy body!
But did you know this wheat gem can also be used COLD, so when you were dancing like no-one was watching and you rolled your ankle, you can pop the wheat bag in the freezer and jam that on your pained area. Genius!

Camden Co Wheat Bags are a gorgeous version of your Grandma's old fashioned Wheat Bag. All Wheat Bags are scented with Camden Co's iconic scent infused with Sweet Orange.

- 450mm long x 140mm wide
- Handcrafted in New Zealand
- Locally grown wheat
- Infused with sweet organge essential oil
- Linen
- Boxed