Super Cute Advent Calendar!

Seriously, there's no need to panic, you still have 5 weeks to sort everything out. That's an age (kind of)! But, you do only have eight days to get yourself an advent calendar to make the counting down fun instead of stressful. Yeah. You should be panicking (kidding).

Now, the cheerful chocolate filled ones are all good. We ladies of  MFP love stuffing our faces with chocolate, even if some of us can't really eat it. However, this year we've got our hands on a very cool, very stylish, very creative little advent calendar and obviously we think you should all get your hands on one too, hence why they're instore and online. Let me visually introduce to you these little pyramids of metallic foiled beauty, and then I'll give you a serious list of all the cool things you can do with them. Panic over!

Yes. Those pretty paper pyramids are advent calendars. And you can choose between gold and silver. I know! So cool! 

So, the basic idea is that there are 24 pyramids that are numbered 1 to 24 that you can open carefully from the bottom to put little goodies inside and then hang them up. Um, awesome.

But where to hang them and what to put in them? Well friends, of course you should be getting your creative juices flowing and thinking up ideas yourself, but if you need a little inspiration because life is just too crazy at this time of year, see below. 

What to put inside?

A mini photo for each day - draw up little pictures -  make up your own fortunes for next year and print on pretty paper (on that theme try your favourite quotes/song lyrics/a christmas song to play for the day) - CONFETTI- delicious herbal tea for a day you think you might really need it - on that note nice chocolates - make your own vouchers for hugs/kisses/massages/your turn to do the dishes or just buy some vouchers -  girly? lipbalms/hair bows/nail polishes/jewellery - not girly? little toy soldiers/dinosaurs/wind-up toys - Christmas decorations!...

Oh man. I could really go on forever, but I'll let you think of some ideas!

Where to hang them? 

On your tree - hide them around the house for an adventurous advent calendar - string them up across your main window - place them on the mantelpiece - hang them on lights - hang them on hooks on a board (DIY times) - basically, anywhere your heart desires!!

Have I convinced you to try something new yet? They're also reusable, win. 

I had a lady grab one because she has a bunch of people coming to stay, and she thought she could give everyone a number and then fill each one with a small gift for each person. Cute!

Get counting down to Christmas, it's exciting.

Anneke xox

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