Yes! Madame Fancy Pants wants to say thank you for parting with your hard earned dosh and shopping with us! 

How do I register to join MFP loyalty?
When you make a purchase online you are automatically signed up to MFP loyalty.
If you make a purchase in store, and the MFP team take your email and name, you are signed up.

To gain access and be able to log in to your loyalty account, points and purchases you will need to register with your email and choose a password by heading here
We also have a handy video just in case you want a bit more help with registering.

How do I log in?
Simply head to the account link at the top of the MFP site on the top right and you be directed to the log in page.
If you are on a mobile device, the link will be at the bottom of the menu.
We also have a handy video just in case you want a bit more help with logging in.

How do I earn MFP LOYALTY points?
Every dollar you spend at MFP on a full priced item you get a point, these points add up and you get rewards (eh yay!)
When you shop with us online you will automatically get your points added to your account. 
If you are shopping with us in store we will add your details to the sale if you wish to join.

What kind of rewards you ask?!
♥ Free NZ shipping for online purchases (80 points)
$50 off your next purchase (500 points)

Want points for free??
50 free points - Share our loyalty info with your pals and when one joins and purchases (they also get 30 points!)
30 free points - Creating an account.
30 free points - Completing your profiles details with password/birthday etc
50 free points - Review a purchased product.
30 free points - Follow us on Instagram.
30 free points - Follow us on Facebook.
30 free points - Sharing on Facebook.

BIRTHDAY TREATS! - we will send you a sweet $20 voucher to be used on your next purchase of $50 or more - woohoo!

We have 3 tiers to our loyalty program:
MINI FANCY PANTS - Spend $0 - $1999 / $1 = 1 point.
VIP FANCY PANTS - Spend $2000 - $3999 / $1 = 2 points.
WEARS THE PANTS - Spend $4000 + / $1 = 3 points.

As you can see over the lifetime of shopping with us at MFP you get more points to reach those exciting rewards faster!

How do I check my balance?
Once you have made an account or logged in, just head select MY ACCOUNT and you will see your points on the widget on the page, or you can click the LOYALTY on the my account drop down. 

How do I redeem my points for a reward?

You will see the points and the rewards you have available in the loyalty widget.
If you have a reward available and you would like to use it This is what it looks like.
Once you redeem your reward you will be given a code and instructions on how to use it. That looks like this.

NOTE: Once you have redeemed a reward you have 30 days to make good use of it - don't let it expire!

Do my points expire?
Nope, they keep going until you use them up!

How do I cancel my account?
Please get in touch so we can unsubscribe you.
Please note if you unsubscribe, any lost points cannot be applied if you sign up again at a later date.

If you have any questions or need to report an issue then please do get in touch!

xox the MFP team


- Sale/discounted items are excluded from earning royalty points.
- Code must be used within 30 days of claiming.
- If abused, customers account may be deactivated by MFP.