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Mother's Day is a comin!

Naw mums are the best ain't they?!?!

I mean not just because I AM one (and I am certainly not the BEST mum allllll the time but I try to be the best I can be, as do most mums I meet) but because I have one. I mean sure, from time to time we drive each other a bit kookoo, but that is totally just because we are so similar and just want the best for each other, our families and friends.
When was the last time you took your ma out for a coffee and cake, or sent her a card and a wee token to let her know you are thinking about her?

I know for sure they appreciate the little things, not even a grand gesture, just a wee hello to let them know you love her, think of her and appreciate her. It's the little things huh. A card or a candle may seem like it is not enough for all the amazing she has done for you in your life. But, it is the little things that bring the biggest smiles. 

If you know a new mum, or a mum to be then why not get those mum good high fiving going early and tell them what an amazing job they are doing with their little one. Mother's Day is not just for your own mum but to acknowledge ALL the amazing mums out there raising up the next generation.

Big love to all you mums out there - you're doing wonderfully! 

Just in case you need the date for overseas shipping...Mother's day is Sunday 12th May!

Click the image below to head along to all our Mother's Day selection.

xxx Claire, Az & Mo


Why change to an oil cleanser?

* Reposted from Yuki-yo's blogs by 

Poppy MacPhedran

Why change to an oil cleanser?

While I’m sure the cleanser you’re using is very nice, it might be an idea to think about changing to an oil cleanser, like our Calendula Cleansing Balm.

Why? You ask - well nothing removes makeup, impurities and dirt from your pores quite as well as an oil cleanser. You hardly have to rub your eyes to remove even the toughest waterproof mascara. Plus an oil cleanser has the ability to leave skin soft, supple and perfectly balanced.

Loads of people have asked me if using an oil cleanser on oily skin is crazy and yes it might seem counterintuitive but in fact to remove excess oils and help your skin produce less oil, adding an oil is the way to go.

It’s a total beauty myth that if you add oil to your skin you will have oily skin. Oily skin actually balances out and stops creating so much of its own oils if you use an oil-based cleanser. Not only that but an oil cleanser easily picks up dirt, impurities and makeup far more successfully than a cream cleanser and it won’t strip your skin like a foaming cleanser.

An oil cleansing balm is applied to a dry skin, emulsifies with a little warm water and washes off easily leaving your skin feeling soft, clean and supple not at all stripped or dry. Unlike most types of cleansers, an oil cleanser is suitable for ALL skin types and all aged skins.

The 3 step oil cleanse

An oil cleanser can be used as the first step in your double cleanse and if you're like me then your a major fan of the double cleanse.

Check out all of Yuki-Yo's beautiful products here.

Christmas open hours!

Come say hi! We are here all these days...the other'll need to go to the beach or shop online!

SUMMER(S) is here!

Well, ok not ACTUAL summer - but Summers the label!

And who is this Summers the label you ask? Well it is the lovely and talented Jessica Matthews who has renamed and branded Aida Maeby to Summers. But why did she rebrand you also ask? Gosh you ARE full of good questions!

Well here is what Jess has to say:

“When a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, I found myself searching for a way to support her from afar. The name Summers is in homage to the friend I lost. The name change has sadly come too late for her to see, but I hope that with our ongoing donations to breast cancer support and research, other women might be spared the same fate.”

Which I think is just a bloody good reason don't you?

She is also donating  $4 from the sale of each garment to The Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, which is great coz we know that every cent helps right?

All of Jess's garments are designed AND made right here in lil Wellington, the coolest and craftiest wee capitol city around don't cha know.

SHOW ME THE GOODS you say? Well ok ok. The first part of her 'In Clover' collection has arrived so.... Here ya go!

We are a bit in love with the Emer linen dress - she is going to be GREAT for those hot summer days, and then team with a loose tee or cardi for when it gets the chill factor. So good!



Justina Blakeney x Studio Calendars & Planners!

If you have been to our new store at 225 Cuba Street - you may have seen our BEAUTIFUL wallpaper. It is by The Jungalow by Justina Blakeney - her style is so eclectic and just amazing. I feel in LOVE with the wallpaper when I saw it and knew it just had to be on our new store's walls.
So how flippin EXCITED do you think I was when I saw that Justina had done a collab with Studio Oh. SO MUCH!!!
We just got our first delivery of her planners and calendars in so CHECK'EM!

Love a shoe? Then say HELLO to Miss Wilson!

We have just received the most part of our Miss Wilson SS19 delivery - and BOY are they B E A U T I F U L !

Let's say hi to the range and some pairings we think would be winner!

Naomi! She comes in a beautiful Amethyst - which is going to be the perfect spring party shoe we think and would look super beautiful with the Sealed with a bow dress by Coop. Did someone say garden party?

Naomi also comes in waxy dark tan which looks like she just stepped out of the 70s and would add a certain spunk to the delicate ivory lace Hazel Midi by Tuesday. This beaut Hazel midi buttons off and you can just wear your swimmers underneath and just shed the dress ready for ....pool party, anyone?!

Karen is the earthy nude shoes that make your legs look like they go forever and would look stunning paired with The Playsuit of happiness by Coop - and you're off to the party!

Luna is your every weekend head to the market sandal - or if you are lucky enough to be heading off to a beach overseas..then....Luna is for you! Team up with a Maxi dress like the Eva maxi by Tuesday for some Grecian goddess esc style.

Silver Tyler sneaker is your go-to for pretty much anything! Dress a simple dress up - dress a pretty dress down! 

Team it with The Salasai Beg for love dress, Up in arms dress by Coop or the Essence dress by Blak. Either way, you'd be lookin fine!

Enjoy your summer wardrobe planning!

(Also - there are 3 more gorgeous styles due in September so keep an eye out!)


Join the MFP team!

We’re looking for someone:

• With 1-2 years experience in retail 
• Who is passionate about clothing and beautiful things 
• Customer focused & loves building relationships with customers - Can work with the MFP values 
• Prides themselves on going that extra mile for both customers and teammates 
• Has a good understanding of computers (Vend & Shopify are a bonus) 
• Able to adhere to systems and processes designed to ensure the smooth running of our stores 
• Confident communicator 
• Can commit to being part of the team long-term


• Weekly hours are Friday & Saturday 11:30-2:30, Mondays as required. 
• Full work days 7-8 & 11-13 September. 
• During the weekday over WOW - 28 September -13 October. During the weekdays during December.

Madame fancy pants is an inviting, fun, whimsical space for our customers to return to, time again, for special handpicked treats & our exceptional, personal service.

As a member of our team, you will be part of the smooth and efficient running of the store, ensuring customers get the expected Madame Fancy Pants service during their visit.

If this sounds like you then please email your cover letter and CV to

In your cover letter please include a brief introduction to who you are, your work experience and why you fancy being part of the MFP team.

$79 & $99 sale dress!!

We have a super selection on sale dresses that are down to just $79 and $99!!

Get in quick before they are snapped up by someone else as sizes are getting low.


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Yep, that time of the season has come about. Head over and check out the sweeeeet deals on our sale page!

This includes clothing from Coop, Aida Maeby, Tuesday, Salasai, Stitch Ministry AND even little person clothes by Buck & Baa and Le Edit - so everyone no matter big or small get the deals! (though you'll be paying for the tiny persons!)