Better Tea Co

The handcrafters (and regular testers) of Better Tea Co. offer a growing range of wellness teas that are hand-blended in New Zealand.

Tea is well known for its calming and medicinal properties and when combined with taking stress-reducing steps, such as deep breathing and focusing on your senses, tea is an excellent addition to your calming ritual. 

All of Better Tea's teas are designed to assist you in getting through specific situations, including anxiety and panic attacks.

All of Better Tea's packaging is entirely recyclable and reusable. They also support local when sourcing their packaging and ingredients, buying from Kiwi companies producing high-quality, beautiful creations.

The Better Tea Co. was founded to help people better understand and deal with mental illness. They are dedicated to supporting all those who are affected by it, whether directly or indirectly.

Better Tea wants to connect people with the support, comfort, and recovery opportunities they need. They also want to keep talking openly about mental illness and what it's really like for those who experience it.

5% of all their sales goes directly to the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation.