Hunkering down for winter? Sparkle up your walls!

We’re a little bunch of magpies here at MFP (gold and silver sparkly things always catch our eye), so when we find goodies in gold, we know we have to have them!

So pop the soup on, grab a blanket and let's crack into MFP's treasure trove of goodies for your walls! (And if you need a great soup recipe, check out this one from My Darling Lemon Thyme)! 

Charm & Gumption, all the way from Nashville, USA, design the coolest wee prints. Whether you need to Be Brave, Hustle or think What Would Beyoncé Do?, they've designed a print for you. Check out their full range here!

Clockwise from top left: Be Brave, Hustle, What Would Beyoncé Do? and Anything Could Happen

A little bit more local, our prints from Cloud Nine are just as nice, all sparkle and shine and feathery goodness. The Metallic Feather Print (A3) is a store favourite, with beautiful hints of yellow, green and navy woven in the feathers. Or if sparkly foil is your thing (like it is ours), the Gold Feather Print (A4) and Silver Shine Print (A4) is sure to brighten up your walls on a cold winter's eve. 



Clockwise from top left, Gold Feather Print, Silver Shine Print, Metallic Feather Print and Metallic Shine Print

So hunker down, watch that season of Mad Men you've been meaning to get around to and shine on! 

xx Emily 

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