MFP Gift Guide: 30th birthday

Hey guys and gals! Stuck on what to buy your loved one/BFF/colleague for her 30th? No fear, MFP is here, with a bunch of sweet trinkets perfect for any 30th birthday. 



1. Status Anxiety Evelyn Wallet, $115. 2. Porcelain Bird Ornament, Hettie/Yellow, $40. 3. King King Wildflowers Sleep Mask, $25. 4. Status Anxiety Cruel To Be Kind Bag, $335. 5. Hug A Porcupine Origami Rabbit Brooch, $35. 6. Status Anxiety Phoebe Purse, Tan, $60. 7. Bronze Twig Bangle, $49. 8. Fucking Brilliant Journal, $20. 9. Cloud Nine Metallic Feather Print, A3, $45. 10. Silver Moon Cocktail Ring, $55. 

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