New necklaces - they're charming!

Claire's been a busy bee in her studio lately, making all sorts of fabulous creations. She's like Willy Wonka, only minus the chocolate (and crazy eyes). 

One of my favourite things to come out of the studio lately is these gorgeous sterling silver charm necklaces. At the risk of sounding like a late-night infomercial, we are drowning in beautiful charms. But unlike the Ab Blaster 3000, these necklaces are only one easy payment of $59, and will leave you looking fresh and cute (with spine intact).

Each charm comes on a 45cm sterling silver chain, with Swarovski crystal detail at the clasp. It wouldn't be an MFP piece without crystals of course! 

So here's a round up of my current faves. This is only a selection, there are many more of these lovelies up on our website, check them out here

Clockwise from left: Cherry Blossoms necklace, Ampersand necklace, Peanut necklace and Crossed Arrows necklace.

All $59! 

Clockwise from top left: Anchor necklace, Acorn necklace, Lightning Bolt necklace and Scissors Necklace.  

All $59! 

And if you're after something a little more statement, we've got these cuties, which come on a 70cm chain and are $79:

L-R: Crescent necklace and Horse Shoe necklace

Both $79! 

So these are my faves, which ones would you pick?
Emily xx

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