Lambert's Luscious Beard Oil

Fellas! Is your beard feeling itchy, rugged and dry? Want to spruce it up? Or ladies, do you want to treat your bearded guy to a little something to make his beard soft and tamed? Lambert’s Luscious Beard Oil is the product for you!

The beard oil, made in Wellington, New Zealand, is full of only natural, nourishing essential oils to tame your unruly beard and soothe itchiness and dryness. There are three scented oils and one plain and simple ‘Natural’ oil for those of you who prefer it scent free. ‘Urbane’ is the sophisticated, man about town scent, ‘Rugged’ is for those lumberjack, outdoorsy types and ‘Buccaneer’ is for the rum swigging, traditional types out there.

There is even a beard comb made out of native, New Zealand timber that is nice enough to carry around with you in wallet or pocket for those situations when your beard needs a little control. Add the comb to a bottle of beard oil to make up a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift for your man, or the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dearest Papa! We’ll even wrap it up all nicely for ya.

Take your pick HERE and be good to your beard, ‘cause it’s being good to you!


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