MFP is hiring!

We are looking for a super sparkly someone to join our dainty Cuba Street store as a sales assistant.

You will be customer focused, full of energy, take pride in your personal appearance, organized and always willing to go that extra mile.

The position is for days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday and 28 – 35 hours per week. (Changes with the season winter/summer/Christmas etc)

MFP is looking for the following skills and qualities in our new staff member:

-Customer care!
THE MOST important part of this role, we love helping people! Assisting a lassie to find the perfect dress for a part, that awkward feller who wants to get his lady or mum some jewellery, the smiling person who simply wants a little treasure. We assist folks in the store, via email and phone so tone and a happy face is important.

-Energy + sparkle!
It takes a special person to work in customer service, you need to have energy and drive to help folks out and be able to manage that energy throughout a busy day.

-Product knowledge!
We stock a fair few designers and we need to know all about them – where they are from, where they are made, how they are made, what they are made from and how best to look after them. We strive to give our customers great products and its super important to be knowledgeable about what we are selling.

-Make it pretty!
An eye for the little things and making the store look pretty is a must, window displays and general product merchandising to keep the store inviting and fresh for our customers (and us!).

-Technology! Fandangle!
We use a Windows computer in store and have a few different systems for our POS and website so being able to work your way around computers is a must.
An understanding of Photoshop is super handy also.

-Be a thinker!
You will be sole charge most days. You must be able to multi task, use your initiative, multi task and cope with busy solo periods in store.

-Cleaning! (Exciting!)
Cleaning the store, out the back room, counting stock, keeping track of stock and generally a well-kept organized store that’s easy and fun to work in.

If you think that this role sounds like you then send through a photo of yourself, cover letter introducing yourself, and why you would be great for this role and what you could bring to it and your CV to:

If you are STUDYING please include your uni timetable/available hours.

Applications need to be in by the 15th of April 2015.

Due to the number of applications unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted sorry!



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