All spruced up and ready for SPRING!

Madame Fancy Pants was closed for 1 whole week to get the renovating done, during that week it snowed! Yes SNOW! in Wellington!  I was very tempted to NOT do any sanding, painting, building and wallpapering and just don some gummies and warm stuff and play in the snow.  BUT NO! prettifying had to be done for the sanity of...of...well was either a long long long holiday or renovate and can guess what is the more viable...and more enjoyable in the long term.

ANYWHO! enough of the jibber jabber..

On with the show! (Photographs courtesy of Miss Jenn Hadley).

ps. Pictures of the opening party up sooooon


...yes that's me...twirling around in a State of Grace dress like Im 15 again..ahh le sigh..(and yes I was incredibly dizzy after!..)

Oct 07, 2011

Your shop looks great! And so do you and the dress :)

camilla e

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