Adam Page in the house! (+WIN WIN!)

A few years ago I played a wee gig in the Pit bar (Bats), lovely wee intimate gig with some lovely folk listening.  One of these folk was a big burly bearded fellow I have never met before.  He introduced himself as Adam Page (late I find out he is a multi instrumentalist and loop pedal god!) and said he was stocked I played some Ani DiFranco.  He then pulled me aside telling me that I HAD to listen to this song on his mp3 player and he wanted to play it with me.  The song was Naked as we came by Iron & Wine, I had never heard it before and almost cried at its pure beauty.  I certainly didn't expect a song like this to be played to me and this moment forged Adam in my heart and memory.  
In the following weeks Adam and I hung out and practised the song.  He on his lovely Saxophone and me on my guitar and singing.  I hadn't 'jammed/played' with anyone for such a long time and was a tad nervous but Adam was just lovely and so encouraging to work with.  A gem you might say.
We played the song live on Radio Active without a hitch and both left feeling elated.  
A little while later Adam had a concert at Downstage and of course I was eager to hear him in all his instrumenting/loop pedaling/noise making/kumara playing goodness so I got there early and waited eagerly.  Adam came on and well words cannot describe the awesomeness that followed.  Mini guitars, beat boxing, mini bass, kumera, flute, saxophone, keys, looping, things to bang and bonk.  Simply Amazing.  So amazing that some of the songs I didnt want to be sitting...I wanted to get up and dance....and some of the songs/sounds I just got lost in.
Sadly Adam then went back to his home town of Adelaide Australia.

But luckily for us he has returned to Wellington...and not just for a visit! He and his lovely lady packed up their guff and bought it over and got themselves a sweet pad and he can play gigs when ever he wants! So now its your turn to experience the AMAZINGNESS that is Adam Page.
He is play this Friday the 14th at Meow (down Edward Street/Wellington) 8.30pm. 

You wanna go? of course you do! we have 2 single passes for 2 uber lucky folk to go get their Page on.
Leave a comment on our Facebook Page telling us where Adam hails from and you could win win win win win win !!!


*winner randomly picked and announced Friday round lunch time 

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