Stationary + Gents + Christmas + Design Sponge.

Oh my! Its getting exciting around MFP with packages arriving daily.  Last week all our gorgeous Christmas Cards and advent calenders arrived.  Today a bunch of lovely journals, books and stationary was un boxed.  

A favourite illustrator at Madame Fancy Pants is Susie Ghahremani, this neat journal is filled with her whimsical drawings of owls, birds and squirrels and waiting to be accompanied by your ideas and musings.  Another exciting unpack was this Cant sleep, write now journal which has ideas for writing and places to write random thoughts for those who find it hard to drift off of wake up with brain a buzzing.  And if you're a sweet fiend like myself then you will be DROOLING over the yummy recipes that are tucked up inside The Chocolate Deck and The Cupcakes decks boxes.  YUM!  For the lads who want to be gents The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman could be his perfect companion.  When to wear a suit? What kind of neck tie when? and lots of interesting and funny facts about menswear....did you know that merino can bend on itself 20,000 times where cotton can only bend 3,200....?!

My last super exciting goody that was unpacked this morning was the AMAZING Design Sponge at Home book.  I have been an avid reader/follower of Miss Grace Bonney's truly super blog for many years (and even had one of my wee projects featured - EXCITE!!!) and now am pretty darn happy to see the many years of great home design, DIY, home hints, flowery arranging and before and afters (my fave!) filling one handy dandy book...I know whos getting this for Christmas this year!

Speaking of Christmas, its 7 weeks away! yup thats kinda soon eh? 

My challenge to you is to start thinking about Christmas, what it means to you, who you want to spend it with, what you NEED to eat on Christmas day (I HAVE to have custard from a know the stuff..mnn) and who you want to give gifts to.  Gift giving should be thought about carefully, so start looking out for goodies for those special folk in your life.  Gifts need not be expensive, some may be home made, remember that its more special for you AND the giftee when given from the heart and certainly not rushed!


Clear Skies Journal $25.00

Design Sponge at Home $70.00

The Perfectly Dressed Gentleman $34.00

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