Win a wallet comp!

A good wallet will keep on going and going like the energizer bunny, it'll hold your cards, change random receipts and pictures but eventually it will start looking a lil shabby.  Even though its probably doing the job of holding all the fore mentioned odds and ends it may just be time to get a new one.....

A new one?! yes! Well Madame Fancy Pants and Status Anxiety to the rescue!
You could win 1 of 2 sleek black leather Dakota wallet retailing at 95 fat ones.

How do I win this fabulous new holder of all things important you ask?
You need to head HERE like Madame Fancy Pants and fill in the entry form.  Share it with your friends, we are sure they will thanks YOU if they win...perhaps you both will win one?!

Get entering!  The competition closes on Tuesday the 7th of August 2012.


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