Petite Kitchen Winter 2013 Journal


We are very excited to introduce this beautiful recipe journal to you all; say hello to Petite Kitchen! This stunning little journal, crammed with recipes and packed full of the most drool-worthy photography, will be a welcome addition to any home. Be sure to get one into your kitchen quick to start cooking delicious, simple and good for you food!  

Petite Kitchen is written by Eleanor Ozich, author of the food blog of the same name. Eleanor started developing simple, natural recipes to help nourish her young daughter who had developed seemingly incurable eczema. After a visit to a Naturopath who suggested a radical change in diet, Eleanor started a new approach to cooking which has since magicked away her daughter's eczema and improved her whole family's health! You can read more about Eleanor's inspiring story on her blog; which, like the journal, is full of wonderful recipes and is definitely a must read.


The recipes from Petite Kitchen aren't just healthy and nourishing, they taste wonderful and look amazing too. Here's a sneak peak from this season's issue:


Um, yuuuuum! I want to eat them all. Thanks Petite Kitchen for the drool-worth images!


Hope ya'll are keeping warm and dry and the snow isn't impacting too much on those of you down South. Be sure to find a snuggle buddy, a hot water bottle and a big quilt! For those of you in Welly, banish those Winter chills with a big dance at tonight's Beyonce Tribute Show at Mighty. We'll see you there!


Happy Friday!!!

xoxo Anneke xoxo



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