Fancy Sessions: 6

Fancy Sessions: 6

The Fancy Sessions are back baby!

Meet Lis ~ Our New Cuba Street Manager 

Pronouns: She/Her

Lis wears:

Blak Amy Sweater (Khaki)Cedar Smock Midi Dress (Black/Cream)Status Anxiety Plunder Bag (Khaki)

Photography by Finn Aroha


Kia ora! Thank you so much for having a yarn with us. Welcome to our team!

How have you settled in so far?

I have been blown away by the MFP team. They have just been so welcoming and warm. Lots of laughs already so I already know I'm going to love it here. There is such a relaxed and comfortable nature to the team that I mesh really well with.


What do you find inspiring about living in Wellington?

I find Zealandia incredibly inspiring, what a gift to the city it is. Wellington is one of the only cities in the world where the biodiversity in native birds is increasing. Listening to the screeching kākā every morning from my central townhouse is something I will never stop loving. Our wonderful manu are so precious and it is so inspiring living in a city that strives to bring them back to their former glory.


What art is exciting you at the moment?

At the moment I have been loving the work of Rosalind Moseby who creates korowai inspired wall art out of chicken, pheasant and peacock feathers. You can find her art at the Athol gallery. I also am a big fan of pottery. I love the work of some of our local potters, such as Wundaire and Salad Days.


What are your favourite spots on Cuba Street?

Who doesn't love Fidels, My go-to spot for my morning coffee and bants with the FOH.


How would you describe your personal style, and who are your influences?

I would say style is very 60s/70s inspired. Lots of colour, big hair, big earrings and flared pants. I just want to have fun with fashion while being comfortable and be less restricted by the conventions of style having to be “flattering”. I would say my biggest fashion influences are Stevie Nicks, Harry Styles, Abba and my friend Gussie.

What has been your biggest revelation/lesson of the last year?

I put my life on hold during Covid times, just waiting to see what would happen. I wanna start putting real mahi into my life again. More hikes, more art, more work, more time with friends, more plans.


What music are you listening to currently?

A Lot of Still Woozy. Their music just has such a cool gooey sound.


All time favourite book?

Endurance by Alfred Lansing! It's the absolutely crazy true story of Ernest Shackleton’s failed expedition to Antarctica. I couldn't recommend a book more.

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