SUMMER(S) is here!

Well, ok not ACTUAL summer - but Summers the label!

And who is this Summers the label you ask? Well it is the lovely and talented Jessica Matthews who has renamed and branded Aida Maeby to Summers. But why did she rebrand you also ask? Gosh you ARE full of good questions!

Well here is what Jess has to say:

“When a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, I found myself searching for a way to support her from afar. The name Summers is in homage to the friend I lost. The name change has sadly come too late for her to see, but I hope that with our ongoing donations to breast cancer support and research, other women might be spared the same fate.”

Which I think is just a bloody good reason don't you?

She is also donating  $4 from the sale of each garment to The Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, which is great coz we know that every cent helps right?

All of Jess's garments are designed AND made right here in lil Wellington, the coolest and craftiest wee capitol city around don't cha know.

SHOW ME THE GOODS you say? Well ok ok. The first part of her 'In Clover' collection has arrived so.... Here ya go!

We are a bit in love with the Emer linen dress - she is going to be GREAT for those hot summer days, and then team with a loose tee or cardi for when it gets the chill factor. So good!



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