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Ora Crystal Roller - Free Spirit

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Reconnect with your inner spirit when the world feels heavy. Oils used encourage a relaxed state of mind while encouraging the restoration of a sunny energy & a warmed heart.
Rose*, Jasmine*, Pink Grapefruit*, Sweet Orange* & Bergamot*. Together these oils are harmonic, calming, encouraging self love while lifting your mood. This is a gorgeous hormone balancing sweet blend. (organic)
Mixed Tourmaline crystal infused - build your inner strength and unite your heart, mind, and spirit in love and passion. It's the stone that will bring you joy, satisfaction, commitment, and emotional stability. Tourmaline is an excellent stone to energize and balance your chakras. 
How to use: Apply to pulse points, soles of feet or to your essential oil lava bracelet if you have one. 
Not recommended for pregnancy. Seek advice if you wish for clarification.