Jason Lingard

Jason Lingard has a background in graphic design and fine arts, but recently decided to pursue his interest in fashion, studying fashion design at Auckland University of Technology. His graphic design background informs his complex pattern-drafting techniques and allows him to originate all aspects of his brand including print design and art direction.

Jason Lingard’s debut collection ANTI draws influence from the 1996 Marilyn Manson album Antichrist Superstar. The collection is semi-autobiographical with the designer drawing on nostalgic feelings from being a teenager in the mid-90s. The collection is unashamedly “goth”, layering black upon black punctuated with texture and print. Less literal and more gnomic, the pieces invoke feelings of darkness, isolation and rebellion. Lingard selects delicate naturals such as silk and cotton voile and juxtaposes them with heavy outerwear of wool, leather and plastic.