Easy and Delicious Everyday Vegan Cookbook

Easy and Delicious Everyday Vegan Cookbook

New Holland NZ

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Jackie Norman and Gareth Scurr are two adventurous vegans - when it comes to life and food! They live a nomadic life in a small van, travelling all over the country, conjuring up amazing food along the way.

In addition to being vegan, Jackie also lives with gluten, onion and garlic intolerance. Their challenge was to create recipes that could be made in a confined space, with limited equipment and time, from easy-to-find, inexpensive and adaptable ingredients that even the staunchest carnivores would love.

They nailed it - and now you too can benefit from their tireless research and enjoy their most successful recipes. If they can magic up easy and delicious vegan food with these challenges, so can you - especially now you have this book if you have this book in your hot little hands!