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Sugar Lips Lip Scrub

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Organic coconut sugar lip scrub. The tastiest edible lip scrub for gorgeous lips. Revive tired, weathered and chapped lips.

To use: Rub onto lips to ensure a nice level of exfoliation, allow to sit for a moment (if you can't resist licking off) while the coconut oil settles in to do its trick. Wash off with water (or yes you can safely lick it off!) feel the smooth and hydrated results.

Please note * During colder months the scrub tends to 'set hard' as the coconut oil will do - it will soften in warm room temperature - otherwise, heat in the microwave for 7 seconds - or in warmth of hands to make application easier. *

Ingredients: *Organic
Coconut Sugar*,  Coconut Oil* & Spearmint* , Candelilla wax, Shea butter and Oat Oil to enhance the total juiciness of this scrub.