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Catffirmations Journal

$39.90 NZD

et the captivating illustrations of hidden felines and their mantras add some calm to your day, as you follow the prompts to find your most playful and centered self. 

STUNNING ART: Lim Heng Swee’s beautiful, minimalist art features cleverly disguised cats accompanied by their personal feline-centric mantras.

INTERACTIVE AND FUN: There are so many ways to enjoy this journal, from reading the positive affirmations or looking for the cats hidden in the beautiful landscapes, plantscapes, and starry skies to answering the thoughtful writing prompts that will reveal your own, true inner cat.  

CATS ARE THE ULTIMATE MINDFUL CREATURE: And they know a thing or two about the right time to pounce or the value of a relaxing catnap, so let this journal help you manifest your most purrfect self.

- Hardcover
- 192 pages
- 18.6 x 13cm