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Farm Bingo

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Farm Bingo is a family-friendly game packed with wonderful farm animals for hours of bingo fun. Beautifully packaged, this game is gorgeously illustrated by award-winning illustrator Caroline Selmes. From the farmer, the scarecrow and the tractor to the pigs, chickens, cows and ducks, along with classic crops like sunflowers, corn and pumpkins, Farm Bingo has it all!

Farm Bingo comes complete with 48 illustrated chips and a cardboard hay bale to store them in, a game board, eight double-sided bingo cards, and farm counters for you to mark up your card.  Fill your game card first with all the farm favourites. The compact box makes it easy to take anywhere on the go, perfect for holidays! The first to cover all shouts BINGO and crowned the winner.  The game includes 8 double sided game boards so it can be played many times over.

- Ages 3+ 
- 2-8 players 
- Includes booklet with information about all the farm animals! 
- 22 x 20 cm box, perfect for taking on holiday! 
-  8 double sided game boards