Laurence King Publishing

Gardener's Match - A Memory Game

$39.90 NZD

Do you know how radishes grow, what a passionfruit flower looks like, or what kind of plant a pumpkin comes from? Match 24 pairs of fruit and vegetables to the plant they grow from in this beautifully illustrated and simple to play family memory game. Learn all about 24 fruits and vegetables, the plants they grow from, and who can grow them in their very own back garden! Featuring 48 beautifully illustrated cards by artist Holly Exley with the latin name of each plant on its corresponding card. 

To play, place the cards face down and take turns to see if you can find a pair of produce and plant that match. But beware! If you pick the Poison Ivy or Stinging Nettle cards then you'll lose your turn, and if you turn over both in one turn then you will lose the game. Collect more pairs than your opponent to win.

From climbing pea shoots and vines of tomatoes to strawberry bushes and fig trees, find out how your favourite fruits and vegetables are grown and what you could be growing in your very own garden. The ideal present for budding gardeners, nature lovers, or anyone looking for a beautiful family game.

  • 48 Cards (24 Pairs) 
  • Contains informative booklet with instructions on how to play, and fascinating info about each plant 
  • Fun for all ages!