Glass Candle Holder - Opaque White

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Style Summer Christmas with Studio Milligram's decoration and table collection. The stunning selection of glass, napery, and decorative candles are designed for vibrant summer interiors.
This hand-crafted glass candle holder is designed to fit the Studio Milligram Ombre Taper Candle or any taper with a 22mm base.

- 3.5(d) x 7(h) cm
- Borosilicate glass
- Fits standard taper with 2-2.2cm base
- Designed in Melbourne, Australia. Glass manufactured in China
- Boxed

To secure the candle in holder, melt wax from the base of the candle and drip into chosen holder forming a pool approximately 5mm deep. 
Whilst wet, gently press the taper candle into position. Candle should fit snuggly into the holder. Let sit for 1-2 minutes whilst wax hardens.

Before lighting trim wick to 5mm, ensuring to remove any frayed edges.