Workman Publishing

How To Go Anywhere & Not Get Lost

$39.90 NZD

Born to explore

Get outside with this interactive book that shows how explorers have found their way around the planet for thousands of years. Read about the ancient Polynesians who tracked the stars and waves to sail precise paths through the ocean. Or the Age of European Exploration navigators who use compasses and dead reckoning to reach the New World. And learn the science behind radar and modern-day GPS satellites. Then discover how to do it yourself! With illustrated activities as well as handy tips throughout, you’ll learn the fascinating history and seriously useful skills to become a true navigator.
Up your adventure game and learn to:

- Find north and south by reading the trees
- Make a simple compass
- Use the stars to tell time
- Build a basic sextant
- Get your bearings using the sun
- Go treasure hunting with GPS

- 224 pages
- 7 - 11 years