Floss & Rock

Magic Moving Puzzle - Enchanted

$45.00 NZD

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Prepare to be blown away by Floss & Rock's marvellous Magic Moving Puzzles! You’ll have so much fun with the lenticular finish, allowing you to watch a unicorn jumping over a rainbow, fairies swinging, a bear relaxing on a deck chair and more, moving right in front of your eyes. Complete the puzzle with 50 big, chunky puzzle pieces and once it’s finished, have even more fun moving it from side to side to make the magic happen, playing a game of spot the difference! 

- 50 high-quality puzzle pieces
- Lenticular finish making the graphics move magically
- Improves problem solving skills
- Decorative keepsake box
- Recommended age: 5+
- Complete puzzle size: 50 x 40cm