My Garden Kitchen: Recipes From Forest Cantina Cookbook

My Garden Kitchen: Recipes From Forest Cantina Cookbook

Unna Burch

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We are excited to have the lovely Unna Burch/Forest Cantina's "MY GARDEN KITCHEN" in store. The title "My Garden Kitchen" ties the produce from her backyard: vegetables from Unna's family’s organic garden, multi coloured eggs from their heritage breed hens & fresh honey from their hives into her cooking. All of these ingredients are just a few steps from her kitchen which she gathers & use daily in her recipes.

As a cook & a food lover, it's such a blessing to have this connection to where my food is coming from Unna Burch

"Easy weekdays & slow-food weekends" summarises her cooking style. During the week she makes quick & easy meals & at the weekend Unna will plan more elaborate dishes, things that take time & attention.

All the food in the book was written, cooked, styled & photographed by Unna (as well as some treasured most loved recipes from her family members) Benjamin & Elise Photography beautifully captured the lifestyle images. 

The book features 100 of Unnas most favourite things she loves to cook for her family & friends

The chapters are Brunch, breads, dinner, sides, preserves, sweet treats & drinks + a page on how Unna labels jars which look so pretty in the kitchen or is also the perfect way to finish an edible homemade gift.

There is an image for every recipe (as she personally never cook a recipe without an image) & she hopes that the images can inspire you to cook as much as the words that go with them

- Hard cover with a French jacket sleeve
- 208 pages
- 26 x 21cm